A New Hobby plus A DIY Mini Pom Pom


Oh look, my first non-food related post! I know, I know. It’s not about food but I was so happy with this little achievement, I thought I’d share it.

Have you ever done something you thought you could never do and when you do it, you surprise yourself because you did such a great job that you just couldn’t stop talking about it? For instance, knitting. I recently learned how to knit. Never did I imagine I would one day be knitting and loving it too. I’ve seen so many people in the train, in the bus and waiting rooms knitting away and there I was shaking my head thinking how can people have the patience for that. Well, it turns out I have the patience for it. Also I thought it’s about time I learn a new hobby. So when I learned how to knit (Thank you Internet) and made this super cute scarf for my daughter, I was over the moon. Just don’t ask me to make a sweater or cardigan. I’m not quite there yet!

It started a few weeks ago whilst checking my Instagram feed. I came across a nifty post on arm knitting from a fellow blogger. Arm knitting. Who would have thought? Perhaps I’m just a little late on this whole “crafty” thing. Anyway I wanted to give it a try because I was so intrigued. There’s plenty of tutorials online and it’s easy enough.  It’s addictive too.  For a whole week, Lincraft was my retail therapy of choice during my office lunch hour.  I would scan the aisles looking for the best, warmest, fluffiest yarn I could get. I was so determined to get this arm knitting done and done well.  I’ve made about five arm knitted cowls so far.


Since I had arm knitting down packed, I thought perhaps I should learn how to knit properly. I had plenty of yarn to work with at home, we just didn’t have any knitting needles. If you know me, you’ll know I’m quite persistent and maybe a little stubborn. So not having any knitting needles will not stop me.  I like to improvise so I used a couple of long chopsticks we had sitting on the bottom of our kitchen drawer.  I got to finally use the chopsticks, but not for its intended purpose. Of course I only used it for practice.  At this stage I consulted a number of YouTube tutorials on knitting. I learned how to cast on and cast off and how to knit stitch and purl stitch.

After learning all the basics, I decided to make a scarf since that seemed the easiest to do.

The knitting needles I used for this scarf I bought from Daiso (size 8mm) where everything is $2.80.  What a bargain! I purchased the yarn (100% Acrylic, 100gm, approx 65m) from Lincraft for less than $5. The scarf would cost less than $10 but I added some pom poms from a different ball of yarn so it would cost a little over $12.


There’s really no pattern to this scarf as it it is my very first knitted scarf and I didn’t really want to complicate the whole process. Just knit stitches all the way through. I thought it looked good when it was finished but it didn’t quite look complete. My husband suggested to put pom poms for that extra cuteness.

I learned how to make pom poms years ago from a show called Better Homes and Gardens.  I thought to myself cute, but when am I ever going to use that?! And here we are.  I created a step by step in pictures on how to create a pom pom with yarn. It’s super easy and they look fantastic on scarves and beanies for kids.

Now please excuse me whilst I gather my tools and make a beanie!



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  1. That’s so funny, I just learned how to knit on chopsticks too! I thought maybe I was being unreasonable not waiting to go buy knitting needles, but Pinterest is so inspiring…It’s so much less boring than I thought it would be, which is awesome. I finally bought some needles and I’m in the process of making a hat right now..thanks for sharing this great tutorial…I might have to add a pom pom to it if it turns out to be wearable!



  2. This is so cute! I am in scarf knitting mode now that it is fall and I think this will be my next project :)

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