Banutty Wands


I love weekends. Not only is it a great break away from the daily grind but I get to spend 2 full days with my family.  With my kids especially.

About three weeks ago, my little girl started kindergarten.  It was a big moment for all of us. For me, it was a nerve wracking experience. She is my first child to attend school and it means a lot to me.

There’s so much to take in for a 5 year old at school! Learning each letter, forming words, learning how to write, how to read and count! She would often take a quick nap after school because there’s just so much to do! Here I am still trying to get used to the fact that I now have a daughter going to school when it doesn’t seem that long ago it was me going to kindy. It feels so surreal.


I was very emotional leading up to her first day. Buying her shoes, her uniform, her bag, hat and supplies was rather difficult. I could never keep my composure. I used to talk to myself about anything just to stop from getting teary and sometimes it worked. Even packing her lunch for the first time made me cry and I thought to myself “she’s growing way too fast. Where did the time go? Did we get to spend enough quality time together? Was there enough bonding between mother and daughter?”. I know time is precious and every second spent with your child is time well spent. Give them a hug everyday.  Tell them how much you love them everyday.  It means a lot to a young person who looks up to you constantly.


Last Thursday during my lunch stroll, I stopped by a pop up book store near my place of work. I spotted a pink fairy bag filled with about 4 Fairy Food Friends story book (see bottom of post for more information). I bought it for my little girl thinking it would be perfect since she loves pink and fairies and anyway, she’s at the stage where she really enjoys reading time. I still do most of the reading! And the books are adorable. It wasn’t until we were in the car on the way home that I noticed there was also a recipe book in the bag called The Great Fairy Bake Off. Fantastic. We can spend the weekends together making sweet goods. Just a mummy daughter thing!

I got to choose what we’re making this week and I decided on Banutty Wands. Great treats for kids! Simple bananas covered in white chocolate and cashew nuts.  The original recipe uses peanut butter but I’ve had to substitute it with white chocolates because of my daughter’s peanut allergy.

Another great substitute would be dark chocolates or maybe nutella.


Look at that hand modelling by my 5-year-old!

So the weekends have become extra special to me now that my daughter and I have our own kitchen adventures. I don’t want the day or time to go by too quickly because there will come a time in her teenage years that she’ll probably tell me to stop being too clingy.

Sometimes I really don’t want to let go but no matter how much she tells me that she’s a big girl now, to me, she’ll always be my little girl.


Banutty Wands 
(adapted from The Great Fairy Bake Off) 

150g white chocolate 
1 ½ cups cashew nuts 
3 medium to large bananas (cut in 3s)

Melt chocolates in microwave safe bowl on low heat until smooth.  Cool slightly. Crush the cashew nuts (but not too finely) and place in a shallow bowl.

Push a stick into each banana piece.  Dip the bananas into the chocolate until completely covered then roll each piece into the crushed cashews.  

Rest each stick onto a styrofoam board to let the chocolates harden.  

- These are best eaten on the same day or refrigerated for a day 
otherwise the bananas will turn brown. -

The pink bag of fairy books contains Izzy the Ice-Cream Fairy, Camilla the Cupcake Fairy, Daisy the Doughnut Fairy and Lola the Lollipop Fairy.  All written by Tim Bugbird and illustrated by Lara Ede. Look them up. They are such adorable books great for little girls who love princess fairy stories, and cupcakes and sweets.  I’m also not in any way, shape or form affiliated with these books – simply just sharing my enthusiasm for such wonderfully written and illustrated story books.

The Great Fairy Bake Off (ISBN 10: 1-78235-625-8 / ISBN 13 978-1-78235-625-7)


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  1. How sweet – I can understand how it could be both a proud and heart-wrenching moment to see your child go off to their first day of school. How wonderful that you can spend that quality time together on the weekends though – makes it all that more precious.

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