How I made Mr. Teddy Bear Cake


It was my son’s 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago and some of you may know that I made a teddy bear shaped cake for his birthday. Our nickname for our son is ‘Jakey Bear’. My hubby came up with that name. He was only a few days old, still in the hospital all wrapped up in layers of blankets. My husband picked him up from the bed for a cuddle and said ‘come here little Jakey Bear’ presumably because he looked cute as a teddy bear. So the nickname stayed and it only seemed fitting that I make a teddy bear cake for his special day.

In my mind, I knew exactly what I was going to do and I knew exactly what it would look like. I didn’t plan on it looking like it did. It actually turned out better than I imagined.


Firstly, I have to say that I didn’t bake the cake. I repeat – I didn’t bake the cake. I simply bought 7 round mud cakes – 5 chocolate mud cakes and 2 white chocolate mud cakes. I planned to bake the cake but since I come home late from work these days, I knew there just wouldn’t be any time for me to bake. So the easiest and most convenient way was to buy 7 round cakes that I knew tasted good. Even if my teddy bear cake design and icing failed, at least I knew the cake would taste nice and our guests would still eat it.


I posted some before and after photos of the cake onto my personal Facebook page and a few of my friends and co-workers have asked me how I did it, so let me try to explain it as best as I can.

I have to apologise in advance that this will not be a step by step guide in pictures. My hands were full of chocolates, crumbs and they were oily so I couldn’t really take a lot of photos. Also this was my first ever attempt at making a 3D cake so I was really focused on getting it right.


Here’s how I assembled the cake, in order:-

  • I stacked 4 round chocolate mud cakes with chocolate buttercream in between the layers. Usually a dowel would be used to insert into the cake to hold all the layers together. I didn’t have a dowel so I had to improvise. I used 3 chopsticks instead. It worked. Once I knew the layers were held in place, I began to sculpt it into a teddy bears body.
  • Next was the head. I stacked the 2 white mud cakes together with a thin layer of white chocolate ganache in between. I then cut a smaller circle into the 2 layers and began to carve it into the shape of a teddy bears head. I realised it was too small and the top was too flat. So with the cake off cuts, I added a bit of white chocolate ganache and made a truffle mix. I made a patty with the truffle mix and placed it on top of the head (see above photo) and blended it with a knife so it would look seamless and one shape. I then placed the head onto the body – the chopsticks were still sticking out so that helped with securing it onto the body.
  • The ears were next. Using a 5cm cookie cutter, I cut out 2 round shapes from the extra (7th) chocolate mud cake. From there, I carved the round shapes into crescent moon shapes. I secured them onto the sides of the head with toothpicks. Each ear was about 1cm thick.
  • For the arms, I cut out 2 curved shapes from the extra chocolate mud cake. I secured the arms onto the sides of the body with a few toothpicks. This part was rather tricky because this extra cake for some reason was not as dense as the others. It started to crumble and became very delicate to work with.
  • Next were the legs. There was not enough of the extra chocolate mud cake left for me to cut out shapes for the legs and feet but there was enough of it and other off cuts to make a truffle mix. With the truffle mix, I moulded the legs and feet. I secured the legs and feet together with some buttercream and stuck them to the bottom of the body and secured them with toothpicks.
  • Last to shape was the nose. I moulded a nose shape with the last of the white chocolate truffle mix, and secured it with, you guessed it, toothpicks, onto the face with a little bit of buttercream.
  • I covered the cake with glad wrap and refrigerated it for a whole day.


How I decorated the cake:-

  • I made a small batch of chocolate buttercream to use as a crumb coat.
  • With the cake nice and firm and cold from the fridge, I began to crumb coat it with the chocolate buttercream. Once the cake was covered entirely with the buttercream, I placed it back in the fridge for another hour so the icing/buttercream would set slightly.
  • For the white patches, I used a ready-made white icing or fondant. I rolled and flattened each shape and stuck them onto the ears, nose and feet.


  • I made more chocolate buttercream to use as the teddy bear’s fur. I filled a disposable piping bag and used the smallest star tip I could find at home. It’s no. 27 from the d.line range.
  • To make the icing look like fur, I gently squeezed the bag onto the cake (I started from the feet up), pulled up and away quickly in different directions. This took me a while to do and it caused parts of the buttercream to split from the warmth of my hands – you can see it on the picture below. But at least from far away, you couldn’t really tell.


  • Once the cake was covered entirely with the icing, I stuck on the eyes and nose. I made a little groove on the patch for the nose first before I stuck on the nose. The eyes are made of dark chocolate covered coffee beans and the nose is dark chocolate covered almond.
  • For a little bit of a tatty bear effect, I added the small patch of fondant on the head and back.


Finally, Mr. Teddy Bear cake was about a foot tall and very heavy. A little amateur-ish with the use of toothpicks but I really didn’t know how else I could make the parts stay in place. I am also a little disappointed that I didn’t bake the cake myself, but had time permitted, then I would have definitely baked as soon as I knew I could.

So, not bad for a first attempt right? It’s not often that I’m all smiles when I look at something I’ve made, but this one I’m very proud of. It’s not perfect but it’s just right. The best part was when my little birthday boy looked at the cake and couldn’t stop smiling and clapping. It was very much worth it.

Happy 1st Birthday Little Jakey Bear! xxx



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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS. You are amazing, in so many ways. The end result is just incredibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I don’t even want to eat it cos it looks so good. And happy birthday to jakey bear.. he’s a cutieeeeeeeee xxx

  2. That cake is just phenomenal. Absolutely amazing! And who cares that you didn’t bake the cake yourself – the effort alone in assembling and making the teddy bear is just incredible. I hope Jakey Bear will look back at photos of this cake when he’s older and realise how much his mummy loves him!

  3. Gorgeous cake! I’m making something similar for my daughters 1st birthday at the end of this month. Could you tell me how much buttercream you made for his fur? Thanks!

  4. Hi there!
    This is so fantastic, thanks for sharing! I want to try and recreate it for my friends 30th!
    Would you share the cake recipe? I think my usual one wouldn’t be sturdy enough to support it all!
    Thanks again

    Emily :)

  5. Hi MJ, I was searching for teddy bear cake without using mold and chanced upon this post. This looks so pro, I wouldn’t have thought this was your first attempt had you not mentioned. Great job!! Thanks for explaining how you made it. :)

  6. MJ, I am completely inspired by this…my son is one in a couple of weeks and wanted to make a bear cake as he is our Alex Bear. I stumbled upon this post and was in awe. The head looks tricky, can you offer any advice on how best to mold it? Thank you for sharing with us!

    1. Hi Trish. Yes, the head was rather tricky to shape. Just make sure you have a teddy bear with you that you can copy. Start big so you have plenty to work with. Also make sure you have back up cake truffles in case you cut off too much. Good luck :)

  7. wow, awesome job. Its my little boy’s 1st birthday at the end of May and I have been looking for ideas and he loves teddy bears so am hoping to try this (yakes) Just wondering, with the ready made fondant, does it come in that nice pale blue colour and where did you get it? and can I make truffle mix with just left over butter cream and cake? is that it? Thanks :-)

    1. Thank you!

      The ready made fondant I bought came in white but I know they all come in different colours. I bought mine at the grocery store. They’re also available to purchase in any cake decorating shop or online.

      Yes, you can make truffle mix with leftover buttercream and cake.

  8. This is so gorgeous well done you’ve inspired me. I’m going to attempt it….I need to bake my own cake as my eldest daughter has allergies. Do you think it would only work with a dense mud cake? Also sorry but could you explain the truffle mix? Do you just crumble the leftover cake bits and mix into buttercream so you can then mould a shape out of it, like a cake version of play dough?

    1. Hi Nicole. I’m so glad I’ve inspired you!

      Yes, that’s correct, that’s the way to make truffle mix. Make sure that it’s not too dry or too wet. Just like playdough, easy to mould. I would make a dense cake, it doesn’t necessarily have to be mud cake, but I definitely don’t recommend a soft, spongey or flakey cake for this one.

      Good luck!


  9. Great Job…so adorable and exactly what I was looking for my granddaughters baby shower…her theme is bears and stars. I hope I can do it as well as you did..I have to try. Thank you so much for sharing!! Wish me luck! Oh..dense like like pound cake or devils food?
    Suggestions please?

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