Fried Rice {Recipe}


I have a confession to make.

I. Love. Spam. The food. Not those inappropriate junk from the internet.

There I said it. You know what else? I think you (secretly) do too. Unless of course you actually can’t eat it. Now I know it’s not exactly beneficial for our body, but I have to say it does taste good.

Spam was also something I ate quite often as a young child. We couldn’t afford to buy meat often, and spam was cheap so it was very convenient for us. We’d have it for breakfast along with some garlic fried rice and fried egg and everyone would be happy.


Fried rice is such an easy dish to prepare and you can be very flexible with it and spam taste great with fried rice as it can make it a complete meal. So if you’ve never tried spam, try using it on fried rice.

It’s also one of those dishes that you can make when you have plenty of left-over rice from the night before but you’re not quite sure what else to make. I was originally going to call this Special Fried Rice, but a thought occurred to me. What exactly makes a regular fried rice into “special” fried rice?

I posted the question on my personal facebook page and was told that the addition of chicken, bean shoots, king prawns or BBQ pork make it special while peas, ham/spam, shallots, eggs or small shrimp is just regular fried rice. Oh I really wanted this to be a special fried rice. I guess I’ll just have to make another batch of fried rice with King Prawns next time.

Tell me, what do you think makes fried rice special? Do you have your own version of special fried rice?

Recipe at the bottom. Have a fantastic day and a lovely weekend everyone!


Spam Fried Rice – serves 3-4


2½ – 3 cups of cooked rice (day old and from the fridge)
3 eggs (whisked)
1 can spam (cubed)
3 smalls carrots (sliced)
1/2 onion (chopped)
2 cloves garlic (chopped or crushed)
2 1/2 Tbsp light or salt reduced soy sauce
handful of sliced green onions/spring onions


  1. Make an omelette first with the eggs. In pan on medium to high heat, throw in the eggs and make an omelette. Remove from pan then thinly slice and set aside. (see diagram).
  2. On the same hot pan, lightly brown the spam (about 2 minutes).
  3. Add, carrots, onion and garlic. Sauté until onion becomes transparent.
  4. Loosen the rice with a fork so it’s easy to mix. Add rice to the pan and mix for about 3 minutes.
  5. Add soy sauce and mix for another 2 minutes.
  6. Turn off heat then add the eggs and spring onions. Mix through.
  7. Serve while hot.


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  1. Mmm, delicious! I’m a spam lover – having it in macaroni (in a chicken soup) was my favourite breakfast as a child…and if I’m honest, now as well!

    My idea of a ‘special’ fried rice is one that includes lup cheong in it. I can’t get enough of Chinese sausage!

  2. i love spam! i prefer to eat it for breakky with eggs than with bacon! hawaiians love it and i ate it every morning in my loco moco! soooo good.

  3. My nana always use to make fried rice with Spam in it. People always turn there noses up at the idea of it but I say don’t knock it until you try it! If it’s good enough for my nana then it’s good enough full stop.

    And I do enjoy putting frankfurters in in fried rice. Another cheap meat that works so well!

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