Iced Rockmelon Drink for Hot Summer Days


Summer in Australia is dry, hot, hot, HOT! It was so hot on Tuesday that it reached 43ºC (109ºF) in some parts of Sydney.  I was of course, indoors having this chilled rockmelon drink. I did step outside for a little bit but ran back inside the apartment as fast as I could. I could feel my insides cooking. No, just kidding, but it really was extremely hot.

So to cool of on hot summer days, I decided to make this iced rockmelon (also known as cantaloupe) drink.  The last time I had this drink, and I kid you not, I was a mischievous little girl wrecking havoc in my grandparents house in the Philippines.  This type of drink is widely available there, at shopping centres, sold by street vendors and found in almost every household. I don’t know why I’ve only just decided to make this now, but I’m glad I have as it seems fitting now that it’s summer. It’s cheap too.

I love this drink so much.  It’s simple, healthy, refreshing and kids will love it.  The easiest way to make this drink is by the use of a melon scraper or a shredder. It’s a bit like a lemon zester but with bigger holes. I don’t have either of these tools so I made this melon drink the long way.  I thinly sliced the rockmelon and then julienned it. I don’t recommend using a grater as that only squashes the rockmelon.

So here’s what you’ll need (note: I didn’t provide any measurements as this drink is made to your own taste)

Quarter or half of a large rockmelon (shredded or julienned), remove seeds
Ice cubes or crushed ice
Large pitcher/jug

Mix together the rockmelon, water and ice in a large pitcher then add sugar to taste (start with 1 tablespoon). It should be sweet but not too sweet. If bland, add more sugar, if too sweet, add more water.

Serve in a tall glass and enjoy!



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  1. Such a refreshing drink for those ridiculously hot days. think we may be getting a few more abnormally hot days coming up so i think this drink is in order!

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