Doytao Thai, Drummoyne – Mother’s Day Dinner

Hi everyone!  I hope all the mums out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday.  I certainly did!  Spoilt rotten, almost.

For Mother’s Day, my little girl gave me a hand-made photo frame in the shape of a purse that she made at school. Very cute.

At night we headed off to Doytao Thai in Drummoyne together with my sis and brother-in-law.  Thank you for securing us a table on such short notice and on a very busy night.  We’ve been here on many occasions because we love Thai food and Doytao is our hotspot for Thai right now.  The staff are friendly and service is fast. The food is good too!

Crab Fried Rice $16.50.  First order of the night for us was our favourite fried rice.  There’s real crab pieces mixed into the dish and the cashews also provide a nice texture and nutty flavour to the dish.  There’s also a hint of saltiness which I love because it reminds me of bagoong.

Beef Massaman Curry $14.50. Fragrant, tasty and hearty.  I love a good massaman curry and this was it. Not too heavy on the coconut.  I love to drown my rice in the sauce, it’s so good.

Chicken Stir Fry with Cashew Nuts $14.50. Another favourite of ours to order. A simple stir fry dish that’s tasty and very satisfying.

Vermicelli Chicken Salad $14.50.  A first time for me and I found the mix of flavours very interesting.  The noodles were smooth, vegetables and cashews were crunchy and this salad has the Thai salad dressing which I guess consists of chili, fish sauce and lime. So here we have a spicy, salty and sour zesty dressing which I thought was rather odd but I still liked it.  Found it a tad bit spicy but the lime cuts out most of the spice and gives the salad a fresh burst.

BBQ Pork (part of Three Friends meal). The Three Friends meal consist of three types of barbecued meat with a side of salad.  This pork is marinated in Thai herbs and taste very much like the BBQ they sell back home in the Philippines. Tasty, sweet and tender.

BBQ Octopus (part of Three Friends meal).  Tender and just like the BBQ pork, this too is marinated in Thai herbs. Enjoy with a little sweet chili sauce.

BBQ Lamb (part of Three Friends meal).

Vanilla Ice Cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce $5.90. Of course we couldn’t end the night without dessert.  Even if it was the coldest night in Sydney, we just had to have ice cream.

Sticky Rice with Thai Custard $5.90. Classic Thai dessert.

Banana Split $7.90. Yes, not exactly Thai in nature, but it’s dessert nonetheless! I’d been craving for banana split and I was finally able to satisfy the craving.  Fresh split banana with three scoops of ice cream sandwiched in between plus a generous amount of whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  The cold weather didn’t stop me from enjoying this one.

Doytao Thai
207-211 Lyons Road
Drummoyne NSW 2046
Ph: 02 9713 1899

Doytao Thai is located in various parts of Sydney. Check out their website for details.




  1. Oh wow, this looks delicious! Me and my other half are going to Thailand in September. Can’t wait to try all there amazing food! Will definitely be doing a post on my own blog about it when we get back!

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