Awesome Laksa

I must be crazy for having spicy soup during this hot weather we’ve been having, but never the less, this laksa is too good to pass up. My friend and I both had skinless chicken laksa last week at Malay-Chinese Takeaway Restaurant at Hunter Street in the city.  It’s literally around the corner from our office and there are people who queue up all the way outside to have lunch there. It’s jam packed every lunch time.  The people are friendly, the service is really quick and the food is good. I can understand why it’s always packed! Crazy huh?!

Their laksa is so good! It’s really the best I’ve had so far and the flavour stays the same all the time. They’re quite generous with the noodles, chicken and soup.

I really loved the soup and wanted to finish it so badly but I just couldn’t.  It’s quite filling and I really wanted to just squeeze in that one more spoonful but I was too full.

Malay- Chinese Takeaway (Shop 1, 50-58 Hunter Street, Sydney)

They’re very popular for their laksa but I think next time, I might try something different just for a change. I’m sure it will still be just as good! :)



  1. Ooh, I miss that place. I used to eat a lot of laksa when I worked in the city but now I’m running my business from home, there are no laksa place about. Maybe it’s time to go have one somewhere…

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