Please don't eat me, I'm too cute!

Birthday Feast for Princess

A feast fit for… a lot of hungry people!

On Sunday, 5th December, our little princess celebrated her 2nd birthday party at home and we were so excited for her!  It’s amazing how fast kids grow up.  I remember her 1st birthday and how much my husband and I were looking forward to celebrating that. There were so much food prepared that day that there was just so much left over after the party.  We had to give the guests food to take home.  We were just way too excited.  This year, we prepared just enough dishes.  There were plenty of people who showed up (even a couple that didn’t tell us they’re coming!) and the food was just right, yes some left over for the next day but I was glad that there was no wastage.

I guess you’re also probably wondering if I made that Ube cake since I mentioned it in a post last month… well, I did.  I still wasn’t happy with it.  The icing was okay, it didn’t quite set to how I wanted it and the cake absorbed most of the juices from the macapuno.  I guess I really bummed that one.  To be honest, I actually preferred the first one I made.  So part 2 is still pending.  Anyhoo, enough of my babble.  Here are photos of some of the dishes from the party.

above left: Roast Pork, BBQ Pork and Chicken above right: Embutido (recipe will be posted later) below left: Crumbed Fish below right: Crumbed Chicken

left: Spring Rolls right: Pansit (noodles with meat and vegetables)


It’s not a Filipino birthday party without Spaghetti!

Dinuguan (chocolate meat!)... no it's made from pork and some.... ahem.... blood jelly.

It’s very good.  My Spanish friend had no idea what it is.  In fact, my mother (thank you very much for the yummy dishes), stopped my friend after she saw her take some dinuguan and asked “do you know what that is?”, my friend then said, “no, but I’m trying everything,”, my mum, “alright, go ahead”.  I left my friend to have her lunch and then later asked her when she finished, what she thought of the black dish (I’ve always been curious to know what non-Filipinos thought of this dish).  I was really pleased when she said it’s nice.  Tastes like chicken… No my friend, it’s pork.  I eventually told her what it’s made from.

There were other dishes served that day that I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of (try mingling with 40 guests and looking after kids filled with sugar and then taking photos of guests and food! Hah!) My mother prepared the spaghetti, dinuguan and leche flan (milk flan). Unfortunately, with all the hustle and bustle that was going on in the house, we forgot to serve the leche flan.  I think we ran out of space on the table.  My sister-in-law and her husband graciously brought the bbq pork, roast pork, roast chicken, crumbed fish and crumbed chicken which goes with a sweet and sour sauce. Thank you. I made the spring rolls, embutido (Filipino style meat loaf) and garden salad.  For dessert, I made red velvet cupcakes, brazo de mercedes (merengue custard log- recipe will be posted later) and the ube macapuno cake.  Other guests brought rellenong bangus (stuffed milk fish), pansit and a variety of desserts.  Oh and rice! Goodness gracious, we just couldn’t forget boiled rice.  It’s a must at every Filipino party. It was a really good day and I’m so thankful to our guests for coming and taking part in celebrating my daughter’s birthday.  Should have stayed to clean up though.  Hahahah!  She was really excited about all the gifts she saw and couldn’t wait to open them.  Thank you again.

The Monday after, (her actual birthday),  I wanted to have another celebration at home, a quiet one, just the three of us.  I bought her a cute puppy cake on the way home from work at Bread Top in Ashfield.  So cute, I actually felt bad when I poked it with the candles.  It was a peach swiss roll cake and the icing was so good.  Not to sweet and it didn’t have that “too much butter” after taste. I need to learn how to make icing like that.

Please don't eat me, I'm too cute!

The tongue is made from a slice of strawberry

They also have a chocolate flavoured one.

** A little late for posting this, I know.  I was under the weather a bit and also trying to wrap up all my work in the office before my Christmas leave and the little one had a tonsillitis. **

Until next post, happy eating.


Bread Top Ashfield
25 Hercules St
Ashfield NSW 2131

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